Court of President of Football Club, who arranged a resonant accident in Baku

In Baku, a preparatory meeting in a criminal case was held in relation to the president of the Alindja Football Club Elshad Kelbalieva, who made a heavy accident, which led to the death of four people.

Recall that the resonant accident occurred in June of this year. Elshad Kelbaliyev driving a Range-Rover SUV with Gosnomers 10-CO-002 first made a hit on a pedestrian near the Spring Hotel in Novkhana and tried to hide from the scene.

Then Range Rover at high speed crashed into the car brand Damas. The blow was such a force that three passengers who were in the Damas car died in place. At the time of the accident, Elshad Kelbaliyev was in a state of severe intoxication.

At today’s court session, lawyers asked for a judge to replace the preventive measure to Elshad Kelbaliyev at home arrest. The court did not satisfy the petition.

The next court session is scheduled for October 20.

Note that Elshad Kelbaliyev is the head of the head of the QURTULUş-93 LLC Magherram Agayev.