COVID is not given: countries of world tighten anticoronaviral measures

Against the backdrop of the increased messages about the growth of the number of infection with coronavirus in China, some countries tighten checks for travelers arriving from the PRC. Thus, France and England announced the day before that these passengers from January 1 and 5, 2023, respectively, at the border crossing, should have a negative Covid-19 test, made no earlier than 48 hours before entering, deutsche Welle reports.

The authorities of Great Britain will distribute restrictions on the entire territory of the United Kingdom, indicated in the British government. The plans for tightening restrictions were also announced by Spain, South Korea, the USA and India. In Italy, they are already in force.

In Germany, they stated that at the moment they do not consider such measures necessary, however, they announced a thorough “monitoring of coronavirus options” at European airports.

According to unconfirmed data, in China, coronavirus infection in the first three weeks of December was recorded in 248 million people. Scientists are afraid of the emergence of new Covid-19 options.