Criminal case has been instituted in Azerbaijan against Ruben Vardanyan

Armenian citizen Ruben Vardanyan was detained and prosecuted as the accused. This is stated in the report of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan.

The statement states that the collected evidence revealed reasonable suspicions that he committed crimes under Arts 214-1 (financing of terrorism), 279.3 (participation in the creation and activities of armed groups or groups not provided for the law) and 318.1 (illegal crossing of the state border) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

According to the charges presented by Vardanyan, it was established that the detained in September 2022 illegally crossed the state border of Azerbaijan in order to commit terrorist and sabotage acts, entered the zone of temporary stay of Russian peacekeepers in the Karabakh region of the Republic.

He participated in the formation and organization of the activities of illegal armed groups, as well as in providing weapons, ammunition, explosive substances of these formations, which entailed the death of people and other serious consequences. In addition, Vardanyan financed terrorism, directing funds to the organization of terrorist activities of these illegal armed groups.

Ruben Vardanyan was detained on September 27 on the Lachinsky PPP by military personnel of the State Border Service detained Ruben Vardanyan illegally arriving in the country.

Vardanyan held the “position” of the so-called state minister of “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic”.