CSTO can send mission to Armenia

Organization of a collective security agreement (CSTO) continues to work on a monitoring mission to send Armenia to the border with Azerbaijan.

This was announced by RBC by the press secretary of the CSTO Vladimir Zaynetdinov.

According to him, after the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan filed such a request to the CSTO, the Collective Security Council (SKB, the highest body of the organization) developed a draft decision “On joint measures to assist the Republic of Armenia”.

“In addition to the provision of other support”, this involves sending a temporary monitoring mission of the CSTO to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and determines the number, mandate and timing of this mission.

The project “is highly readiness, but it was not possible to accept this document at the last session of the CSTO SKB. Work on it continues. Upon completion of the approval procedure, the project will be submitted to the authorized bodies of the organization,” Zaynetdinov said, saying that he would call it to be called specific numbers in number and terms now prematurely.