CSTO: Iran will respond to drones blows

Iran can respond to the blows of drones on objects in Isfahan, which will lead to an increase in tension in the Middle East.

This was announced at the press conference by the head of the United Staff of the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty (CSTO) Anatoly Sidorov.

“Blows, including the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as sabotage at Iran’s military and infrastructure facilities at the end of January, most likely provoke Iran’s response, which can contribute to the growth of tension in the region,” he said.

On the night of January 29, in Isfahan, located in the central part of Iran, the explosion thundered. Later, the Ministry of Defense Iri reported an unsuccessful attempt to attack with the help of quadrocopter with an explosive charge one of his military facilities with weapons. One of the drones was shot down, the other two fell into the defensive traps and exploded. The media reported the possible involvement of the United States and Israel in this attack.