Curious with map: On request, United States of Taiwanese Minister turned off on “Summit for Democracy”

At the request of the American side of the Minister of Digital Technologies Taiwan Audrey Tan, disconnected from broadcasting on the panel discussion during the Summit for Democracy, organized by the United States, reports Reuters, referring to sources.

According to the recording of the summit on YouTube, the performance of the minister was translated into mode without video. According to sources, the picture was disconnected on the request of the White House. They stated that the reason is the map on which Taiwan was marked with a separate color from China.

Minister shown by the map was composed of South African NGO Civicus and ranked the countries of the world to ensure civil rights. Taiwan was designated on it green as “free”, and the DPRK, PRC, Laos and Vietnam – red, as “closed.” After Tang demonstrated the map, the picture from his side was replaced by a screenshot with a note that the opinions of the discussion participants “do not necessarily express the position of the” United States authorities, writes “”.

Reuters sources note that this card could cross the “one China” policy, which Washington adheres to. According to one of the sources of the agency, after displaying the Card, the US National Security Council has contacted the State Department, exploring it for the fact that the Foreign Ministry pointed out Taiwan as a separate state.