Cyril Ramafos re -elected to post of president of South Africa

Siril Ramafos re-elected to the presidency of the South African Republic following the results of voting in the National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament of South Africa).

The first meeting of the new composition of the National Assembly took place at the International Conference Center of Cape Town. The newly elected deputies took the oath, chose the speaker and his deputy, as well as the president of the country.

At a meeting at the National Assembly, 339 out of 400 deputies voted.

Ramafos, a candidate from the African National Congress (ANC), who lost the parliamentary majority in the general election on May 29, scored 283 votes, his opponent, leader of the party for economic freedom, Julius Malem – 44.

On May 29, the seventh parliamentary elections took place in the latter history of the country. In South Africa, the president is elected on the basis of a simple majority when voting deputies of the National Assembly consisting of 400 places