Czech Republic announced support of European integration process of Moldova

The Czech Republic supports the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European Union and will support the authorities at the beginning of negotiations on the entry.

This is the chairman of the Czech Republic, the Milos, the Milos, said at a joint press conference with the chairman of the Moldavian parliament in Chisinau, Moldipers reports.

The Czech speaker noted the results achieved by Moldova in the process of joining the European Union, emphasizing that Moldova should be in the EU.

“I am convinced that in the next period the EU countries will make bold decisions on expansion and will accept more countries in the EU, one of them should become the Republic of Moldova,” said Milos,


In turn, Igor Gros thanked Czech partners for the support provided by Moldova.

He stated that bilateral relations are at a very high level, including in the legislative plane.

Gros added that during a meeting with the cutting, topics regarding security in the region, conflict in Ukraine and the fight against “Russian propaganda”

were discussed.

The Chairman of the Senate of the Czech Republic Milos shot on May 15-16 makes a visit to the Republic of Moldova.

It is accompanied by senators – members of the commissions on the affairs of the European Union, on education, culture, human rights and petitions, as well as foreign affairs, defense and security.