“Damage specially caused by Russia”: in Moldova they announced dangerous situation

, as well as after past Russian shelling, electricity turned off, the head of the Moldavian Foreign Ministry said in an interview with the BBC Newshour program.

” I see very few lights, 90% of the country without electricity, “Popescu said, adding that” trolleybuses, traffic lights, water supply – the power outage has touched everything. Traditionally, we import electricity from Ukraine and Romania. In the past month and a half a month There were interruptions, but today Blackout is much worse. “

according to PPESKU,” this is the damage specially caused by Russia. We need electricity. We need gas. I am not sure that we have, where do we get them. This is a very dangerous situation. Moldovans may try to leave for the EU. Perhaps we are, we Faced with the humanitarian crisis that all of Europe will feel.