“Dancing under Russian Dudka”: in Britain, visit of head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Moscow stated a mistake

In the opinion of the part of British politicians, the head of the UK Foreign Ministry of Liz Trails was not worth going to Moscow to negotiate with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. So writes the British newspaper Times, telling about the trip to the Russian capital of the tracks and the coming visit of Ben Wallace, Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom.

“One source in the government said that the tracks that became the Minister of Foreign Affairs in September, and before that two years he headed the Department of International Trade, made a gross mistake [Having come to negotiate with Sergey Lavrov]. Another source suggested that she wanted Use these negotiations as an opportunity for a PR to strengthen their positions as Johnson’s successors at the post of leader of conservatives, but she failed, “writes Times.

The newspaper also quotes the chapter of the Committee Committee of the House of Communities, the Conservative Tobaas Ellwood, who also says that the decision to go to negotiations with such a veteran, as Sergey Lavrov, was a mistake. “It turned out that we are dancing here under the Russian dull,” said Ellwood.