Death of officers Ksir was not accidental: weapons were developed for Hezbollah

Two officers of the Air Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Corps (KSIR) – Mohammad Abdus and Ali Kamani, who died the day before – participated in the development of weapons for Hezbollah, writes Iranian publication Iran International, based in London.

The publication notes that their death was not a consequence of “accidents.” Judging by the statement of the CSIR quoted by Tasnim, Ali Kamani died in a “automobile accident” when he performed a “task” in the city of Khomein, southwest of Tehran. In the statement of Xir, he is called the “Shahid”, who died “defending his homeland during the mission.” The nature of the “mission” is not indicated.

At the same time, the Iranian FARS agency reported that the scientist Mohammad Abdus, who participated in the satellite program of the Islamic Republic, as well as engaged in the development of UAVs and ballistic missiles, died on the basis of air defense of Semann in the north of Iran. The circumstances of his death were not disclosed.