Delhi authorities declared fourth wave of Covid-19

The capital of India was encountered with the fourth wave of coronavirus, carrying a greater danger compared to the previous ones, said the chief minister Delhi Arvind Kedzhrew., RIA Novosti reports.

“in Delhi we fought with the three waves of Coronavirus. The fourth wave is dangerous. It quickly spreads … At the peak of the third wave in November, Delhi recorded 8593 new cases of the disease per day. On Saturday, 7897 new cases of the disease were registered in Delhi, and on Friday – 8521 New case. This shows how fast the disease spreads now. The situation is alarming, and we carefully follow her, “said Kedzhrew during a briefing on Sunday.

Chief Minister Delhi also called on the power of India to allow vaccination from the coronavirus of the population under the age of 45, noting that more than 65% of new sicks are people younger than this age. He also added that although quarantine is not a solution to the issue of increasing the number of cases, the authorities may introduce it if the urban health system cannot cope with increasing cases of coronavirus.