“Delta” attacks: China threatens a new pandemic wave

In China, the number of new incidence cases of COVID-19 is rapidly growing. On Sunday, 98 new infections were recorded, and therefore the authorities recognized: stop the new outbreak of the pandemic. The increase in the number of cases of the disease is associated with the spread of the Delta strain. This is reported by Kommersant.

The worsening of the epidemiological situation in China reported the State Committee on Hygiene and Health PRC. In the mainland PRC immediately in 14 of the 31st regions registered new diseases. On August 2, there were already 75 zones with elevated levels of epidemiological danger.

It is noted that the two main foci of the dissemination of COVID-19 in recent weeks became the city of Zhui, located in the border south-western province Yunnan, and the former Chinese capital of Nanjing, located in the eastern province of Jiangsu (Delta Stamin, was discovered from employees Nanjing International Airport, engaged in cleaning and servicing liners).

On July 30, the deputy head of the Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases of Nanjing Ding Jie stated that the source of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nanjing was the CA910 flight from Moscow, which took place on July 10.

As reported by the Singapore TV channel Channel Newsasia, trying to take the situation under control, the authorities of Nanjing with a population of more than 9.3 million were placed in the insulation regime hundreds of thousands of people. In addition, attempts are made to track the movement of persons who have visited the city in recent weeks.

Isolation mode for all 1.5 million inhabitants has been introduced in the popular tourists in Zhangjiajie (Southeast Hunan Province). Another outbreak of the pandemic was recorded in the injured from the flood due to the rains of more than 10 million city of Zhengzhou (Henan Province), the authorities of which urgently test on the COVID-19 of all its inhabitants.

The publication notes that the threat of a new pandemic wave, which China faced, became a surprise. A few weeks ago, thanks to the rigid restrictive measures of the authorities and mass vaccination, the situation in China was different from its neighbors – India, Russia and other countries. However, the appearance of a new, much more infectious strain “Delta”, with which Chinese (and other) vaccines fully do not fully do, means: talking about the emergency victory on the coronavirus front is still premature.

Chinese authorities in connection with the recently identified local cases of contamination of Cake and in order to prevent the epidemic, they organize testing to coronavirus all residents of the Uhanny, where more than a year and a half ago there was a first focus of a pandemic. This was announced on Tuesday Deputy Secretary General of the City Administration Lee Tao, reports TASS.