Denmark intends to prohibit shares with burning of Qur’an

The Danish government intends to submit a bill prohibiting the burning of the Qur’an and other religious scriptures in public places. This was announced at a press conference on Friday by the Minister of Justice Peter Hummelhord.

According to Khummelgord, the only purpose of attacks on sacred books is to “give rise to hatred and sow discord.”

The proposed bill will be combined with the law, which currently prohibits the burning of the national flags of countries, he noted.

“The law will attract to the punishment of those who publicly burn the Qur’an and the Bible. This law will only be aimed at the actions taken in public places or in order to spread to a wider environment,” the minister said.

“This is an important message that Denmark wants to convey to the world,” said, in turn, the head of the Foreign Ministry of Denmark Lyokke Rasmussen, commenting on the bill.

Information on when the bill is submitted to the parliament is not brought.

provocations against the Koran in Sweden and Denmark

Danish extreme right -wing politician Rasmus Paludan participated in the burning of the Koran in the Swedish cities of Malmo, Norchepin and Yyoncheping, as well as in the capital of Stockholm during Easter holidays in 2022.

The Paludan burned the sacred book in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm January 21 and the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen January 27.

A native of Iraq Salvan Momik on the first day of the Holy Festival for Muslims Kurban, June 28, burned the Qur’an.

Then, under the protection of the police, the Koran and the Iraqi flag in front of the Iraq embassy in Stockholm on July 20, as well as to the Swedish parliament on July 31 and 14.

In addition, a native of Iran Bamhrami Mardjan on August 3, under the protection of the police, burned the Qur’an on the Angbibeta beach in Stockholm.