Deputies of State Duma of Russian Federation visited Akkui NPP

On Thursday, June 13, a delegation of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation visited the construction site of Akku NPP on a working visit. This is stated in the message on the website of Akkui Nuclear JSC.

The delegation was accompanied by the general director of Akkui Nuclear JSC Anastasia Zoteeva and other project managers.

At a workshop with members of the delegation, the leaders of Akkui Nuclear JSC spoke in detail about the Akkui NPP.

Separately dated the effects of the project for the Russian industry and socio-economic development of Turkey.

“The uniqueness of a project of such a scale as Akkui NPP has a significant impact on the technological, economic and social development of Turkey. Turkey receives not only the nuclear power plant on its territory, but also qualified engineering personnel, ready -made roadmap nuclear energy, incentive for localization of production, ”said Anastasia Zoteeva, general director of Akkui Nuclear JSC.

According to her, Akkui Nuclear consistently fulfills the obligations of the State Corporation Rosatom abroad. She noted that the construction of the station also provides long -term loading of Russian industry enterprises – manufacturers of high -tech equipment. “We are highly appreciated by such an effective interaction and do everything so that the Akkhoy NPP project benefits the international cooperation of Russia and Turkey,” Zoteyeva said.

The company’s leaders also told deputies how Rosatom has implemented the “road map” of the construction of nuclear power plants developed in Russia and applies high -tech solutions in the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. They paid attention to the current important stage of the station – commissioning, as well as Social programs for employees and residents of the region of construction – the province of Mersin.

The delegation members committed a detour of one of the world’s largest atomic construction projects. At the site of Akka NPP, the deputies saw how the Vostochny cargo terminal works – a port that hosts the cargo of large -sized equipment, visited the reactor building of Block No. 1, climbed the observation deck with which the panoramic view of future power units and the station infrastructure. P>

After visiting the site of Akkui NPP, Russian parliamentarians went to the city of Silifke, where they got acquainted with the construction of a new residential microdistrict for nuclear workers.

Akkui NPP is the first nuclear power plant under construction in Turkey. The Akkhoy NPP project consists of four power units with the reactors of Russian design of the Generation 3+. The power of each power unit will be 1200 MW. The construction of Akkui nuclear power plant is the first project in the global nuclear industry, implemented using the Build-COUN-OPREETE model (“Stroy-WINEY-ACCOUNTION”).