Deputy Hyan: For delimitation of borders, Russia suggested a 1974 card

“We rely on the 1926 card, approved by the Armenian SSR and the Azerbaijan SSR.” Armenian media write that this was said to journalists from the ruling party “Civil Agreement” Arman Hyyan.

According to him, there are cards that are only in the Russian Staff: “Russia suggested promoting them. At the moment, for the stabilization of the situation, we were offered the latest approved by the General Stabit, which was dated 1974. After that, there were changes that were not Approved. During the time there were changes, but not everywhere. For example, in the Sevilich region (Garagel) there were changes, in Tavosh, but only at the level of collective farms, “said Hyan. He expressed the conviction that delimitation and demarcation can change a lot.