Deputy is unhappy with Azerbaijani diplomats

Deputy Fazil Mustafa, speaking in the Milli Majlis, expressed bewilderment by the fact that the National Assembly of France unanimously adopted the Anti -Azerbaijani resolution, and in this regard expressed claims to representatives of the Azerbaijani diplomatic corps in European countries.

“At the last session, we expressed an attitude to the decision adopted by the National Assembly of France, harshly responded to the meanness of 256 deputies. But we forgot to talk about our inaction. What is this inaction? We are talking about France, Belgium, Germany, and others countries. How can it be – 365 people in parliament vote against Azerbaijan, and not a single person supports Azerbaijan? For 30 years, our diplomatic corps operates there. Do these ambassadors have no friends of friends, 5-6 acquaintances? That is, everything is influenced Armenians, Armenians, a few people were able to take everything into their own hands? They are not believed in this. Our problems come from the fact that we cannot solve questions related to us. Very often they put up incompetent people to high positions. Our diplomatic corps acting in some countries should be able to communicate with competent persons in these countries, with people who can affect public opinion. However, many are deprived of similar X skills. They just spend 5 years there and return. Nobody asks: what are you doing there? ” – said the deputy.