Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland on entering war with Russia

The probability of a war with Polish participation is extremely high, said the deputy Minister of Defense of Poland Markin Ochepa.

According to him, in the current conditions, the foreign and defense policy of Poland should be as global and aimed at strengthening relations with like -minded people both in Europe and NATO and all over the world, foreign media reports.

“What is the probability of a war in which we will take part? Extremely high. To be too high so that we can consider this scenario exclusively hypothetically,” said Ochepa.

The deputy minister added that current events can be interpreted as a second Cold War. He emphasized that the risk of escalation is very serious.

According to him, the probability of a conflict with NATO is very high today, as well as the probability of a Chinese conflict with the United States, and the war in Ukraine will be “crucial for China’s plans” and “not only in relation to Taiwan.”