Deputy of times of Nurullayev: “It turns out that such a country like Iran is afraid of Israeli buffaloes?”

“Azerbaijan has never been interested in the exacerbation of relations with neighbors, including Iran. Vowed today by officials of Iran accusations against Azerbaijan is deprived of any reason. We are accused of being accused of relying on Israel and supposedly in Azerbaijan Israeli troops. Perhaps they mean a buffalo farm based on liberated territories. It turns out that such a country as Iran is afraid of Israeli buffaloes? “Agree, it’s funny.” This was stated in a conversation with the HAQQin.Az representative of the party of the National Front of Azerbaijan, a deputy of Milli Majlis of the time of Nurullayev.

MP urged to look into the history of Azerbaijan and Iran’s relationship, noting that during the first Karabakh war Iran supported Armenia.

“Despite the general centuries-old history and a single religion with us, the Islamic Republic did not support us. On the contrary, it calls the fraternal country to Armenia, who insulted the religious feelings of Muslims and let pigs in our mosques. During the first Karabakh war, there was no hint Israel, where was the support and protection of Iran? Why does Iran demonstrate dual standards against Azerbaijan and stands in one row with Armenia? “, MP said.

Discover Nurullaev noted that despite the presence of problems with Iran, there are no serious reasons for concern.

“with their claims and unfounded accusations, Iran will not be able to weaken Azerbaijan. In this issue today, the whole world is on the side of Azerbaijan. Iran cannot find support for any state in the world, except for Armenia, which is trying to use against Azerbaijan. Armenia also plays In a very dirty game, which creates a negative opinion about it in the eyes of Europe, the USA, Israel and, in general, the whole world. Of course, we would not want to deteriorate relations with Iran, but what should I do? In this situation we are not guilty. He said.

The leader of the opposition party also called on all the political forces of the country to unity in the face of external threats.

“I urge everyone to unity. We have not only external enemies, we must identify traitors within the country. Unfortunately, we still have traitors of national interests that oppose the independence of our state and its success. To resist them need political and ideological unity, “he said.