Deputy Prime Minister Moldova: Turkey created perfect corridor for safe transportation of Ukrainian grain to world markets

Türkiye has created the perfect corridor to safely transport Ukrainian grain to world markets. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and the head of the Moldovan Mikhai Popshoy on the panel discussion “Food Safety: Growing Test”, which takes place as part of the III diplomatic forum in Antalya.

He noticed that Moldova is an important country for food entering from Ukraine and thanked Turkey for opening a safe corridor for transporting food.

Pepshoy noted that after Russia suspended the agreement on the grain corridor, they turned to the search for alternatives, created some corridors, and within this framework the flow of food was provided in the amount of 2 million tons from Moldova to Ukraine and vice versa.

According to him, Moldova continues to provide the infrastructure necessary for Ukraine, food security is one of the priority issues, as well as the issue of migrants.

“In fact, a shocking situation has developed. In fact, we were surprised that we were faced with such a huge crisis. But we did a huge work: the international community and international institutions, such as the UN, help us and citizens to act. Next ones The country has united and combined resources with Ukraine, ”said Deputy Prime Minister.

Pepshaya called important transportation of Ukrainian agricultural products against the background of food security.

“The international community must continue its support. We cannot talk about food security without mentioning. It is necessary to ensure basic security, and this requires certain investments. At the same time, we need much more reliable and decisive measures to reduce the impact of these conflicts. Yes, we are talking about the rule of law, but if we do this on the basis of the rule of law, it will be possible to achieve stability and guarantee that the cost chains will not be violated. Otherwise, unfortunately, access to food, especially for those in need countries will be violated, ”he emphasized.