Diego Ortiz Cruz Statement

Human Rights Watch

Honorable Authorities of Mexico,

Today, I want to talk about the international obligations that our country acquired by signing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

In 2006, the United Nations approved this new law which provides that people with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else and that we are all equal at law.

Specifically, article 29 says that people with disabilities can effectively and fully participate in political and public life on an equal basis with others. We have the right to vote, to be voted for and to run for any public office.

In my opinion, we need to think about this, because in our country there are no people with disabilities holding elected positions.

We would like to request that as a political party you promote our participation in public affairs and actively help to create the right environment for people with disabilities to exercise these rights. For example, by using a clear and simple language to help us understand your political statutes and proposals; in an easy-to-read format with pictograms, providing instructions in Braille and Mexican Sign Language; creating spaces to be able to join your parties, taking us into account and presenting us as candidates, offering training courses within the political parties, etcetera.

This way, we will no longer be discriminated against and you will create an inclusive culture that allows us to participate in the public and political life of our country.

Public Release. More on this here.