Diplomatic scandal: representative of Israel was kicked out of Summit of African Union

The two-day 36th summit of the African Union in Addis Abbe, which opened today, began work with a diplomatic scandal. Israeli media report that an authoritative international intergovernmental organization uniting 55 African countries canceled accreditation and actually expelled from its ranks the official representative of Israel, the deputy director of the Israeli Foreign Ministry for the countries of Africa, Sharon Bar -Ling.

The decision of the Union made this decision under the pressure of South Africa and Algeria, who achieved the exclusion of the Jewish state from the ranks of the African Union. Assign the media.

“We are very seriously related to this incident,” we commented on to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. “Sharon Barrie had the status of an accredited representative of Israel, however, under the pressure of Algeria and South Africa, moved by hatred and controlled by Iran, its accreditation is canceled. We call on African countries to oppose these actions that cause damage to both the organization itself – the African Union and the entire continent. “

Israel after 19 years of the existence of the African Union was admitted to this organization as an observer in July 2021. Then most members of the Union voted for this decision. However, at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the organization, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Algeria, Raman Lamamra, who took place in October of the same year, put forward a proposal to revise this decision “due to the continuation of the apartheid policies and everyday crimes against the Palestinian people”.