Director of SVR of Russian Federation told “ugly and criminal step” blow to Iranian consulate in Syria

The director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of the Russian Federation, Sergei Naryshkin, called “the ugly and criminal step” a blow to the Iranian consulate in the Syrian Damascus. Naryshkin said this after a meeting of the colleges of the SVR and the State Security Committee of Belarus.

“The ugly and criminal step in relation to the sovereign state of Iran, and in relation to the sovereign state of Syria, on the territory of which this terrorist act was committed,” said the head of the SVR, whose words are given by the Russian media.

In addition, Naryshkin announced the limited action of the counter -terrorism channel between the Russian Federation and the USA.

“it [the counter-terrorist channel] acts, but its action is, unfortunately, it is limited. A unfavorable international situation is imposed on the functioning of this channel and, above all, the actions of the opposite side, by virtue of which the level of interstate cooperation is very, very low,” – he noted.

According to the director of the SVR, the FSB received certain information from the American side about the possible threats of a terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall, but the information was too general.

“The Federal Security Service received certain information on the part of the United States of the United States of America about what is, unfortunately, possible. But how our Russian colleagues said, the information was too general and did not allow those who participated in this to the end A terrible crime, ”he said.

Speaking about the interaction of the special services of Russia and Belarus, Naryshkin said that it was going on translational.

“noted that the interaction is developing progressively, is constructive and confidential in nature and fully ensures the solution of the tasks of our services facing our services, the problems of identifying and preventing the entire complex of external threats to our countries, our peoples and threats in relation to the Union state of Belarus and Russia, ”he said.

At the same time, Naryshkin noted that “the very existence of the Union State of Russia and Belarus causes a rattle of teeth in many Western capitals.” “And not only the existence, but such a progressive and confident development and, as I said, a centuries-old friendship between our peoples,” he said.

“The opponent in the person, first of all, of the special services of the Western states uses any tools to try to quarrel two people. For this, interventions are used in the internal affairs of our countries, the activities of the so -called non -systemic opposition are actively used, such a wide propaganda campaign is deployed in relation to the Union State, cyber attacks and so on. But I want to say that the enemy will not succeed, ”added the director of the SVR.