Disagreements flare up in Poland due to participation in project “European Heavenly Shield”

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk supported the country’s participation in the European Sky Shield project (European Sky Shield Initiative, Essi).

Meanwhile, Polish President Andrzej Duda stated that the idea of ​​creating a European Pro is a “German business project”. The head of state noted that for many years Poland has been protecting its airspace through the air defense system based on the Patriot complexes.

Disagreements between the president and the prime minister created questions about whether Poland would participate in the initiative of the European Heavenly Shield.

The president is responsible for the armed forces in Poland, but the government is made by the government.

The initiative of the European Heavenly Shield is an innovation proposed by Germany in order to strengthen the air defense of NATO countries in the European part of the Alliance. The initiative was proposed by Olaf Sholz on August 29, 2022.