“DNR” declares fights on border with Russia

The situation on the Mariupol direction sharply aggravated, battles go at the border with Russia, said the leader of Donetsk separatists Denis Pushilin.

“The situation in the Mariupol direction was sharply aggravated. The militants of the 36th Brigade attacked the position of the folk militia units in the Kominternovo area. There is a fight at the border with the Russian Federation,” Pushilina’s Donetsk News Agency quotes.

According to him, over the past days, the artillery of the Armed Forces has released more than 1,700 minutes and shells on residential quarters. Pushilin argues that Ukrainian troops continue to fire settlements Zaitsevo, Gorlovka, Donetsk, Yasinovo, Kominternovo and Dokuchaevsk.

Also, the Federal Security Service reported that as a result of the projectile, the borderpoint on the border with Ukraine in the Rostov region was completely destroyed. The building was 150 meters from the line of the border. According to the FSB, the shell flew from the Ukrainian territory. There are no injured.