Doctor said ways to prevent occurrence of obsessive fears

There are several ways to prevent the occurrence of obsessive fears or phobias. They were named by the Russian psychiatrist Alexander Meshcheryakov. His recommendations are published by Komsomolskaya Pravda.

According to Meshcheryakov, the prevention of phobic disorders is to reduce the general level of anxiety. It should include physical activity, sleep hygiene, rejection of psychoactive substances, relaxation practices and Jacobson muscle relaxation.

The tactics of treating phobias are individually selected by a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. The treatment takes into account the variant of the phobia, its duration, the severity of manifestations, additional problems with the psyche, somatic health, the patient’s response to different types of therapy and the desire to use them.

The most commonly used cognitive-behavioral therapy, which, if necessary, is combined with medications. The specialist teaches the patient to relax by gradually immersing him in phobic episodes to practice. Psychoanalysts believe that phobia is an external manifestation of conflicts within a person. With proper treatment, a person’s condition improves, or he goes into remission.