DPRK leader says ready to destroy South Korea in event of military provocation

In the case of a military provocation by Seoul, the DPRK without hesitation will apply all its arsenal to destroy the Republic of Korea. This was stated by the Supreme Commander -in -Chief of the DPRK Kim Jong -un during a visit to the defense industry enterprises.

“If the Republic of Korea tries to use the armed forces against our state or threaten our sovereignty and security, we will not hesitate to use the entire arsenal of available means and forces in order to completely destroy the Republic of Korea,” the Central Telegraph Agency quoted Korea as saying his words (Tsak).

“So far, the ruling gangsters of the Republic of Korea are not aware of the fallacy of the suicidal policy of confrontation with the DPRK, our republic will invariably continue obvious practical actions based on the principles of fair struggle,” added Kim Jong -un.

He noted that the DPRK does not intend to “unilaterally” provoke “large events with overwhelming force on the Korean peninsula, but also” is not going to avoid war. “

The DPRK leader believes that the Republic of Korea is conducting an exclusively confrontation policy and eventually became the most hostile state from the point of view of Pyongyang.

“Comrade Kim Jong -un noted that now there has come a historical time when it is necessary to characterize the Republic of Korea as the most hostile state for the DPRK. It has long, for about 80 years, was ramptled frantically only for evil confrontation to overthrow our power and mode “, – notes Tsat.