DPRK simulated destruction of strategic objects of South Korea by rockets

carried out by North Korea on Wednesday, the launches of two ballistic missiles became an imitation of a nuclear strike on important strategic facilities in the territory of South Korea, the Korean People’s Army General Staff (KNA) said in the common central telegraph agency (CAC).


missile launches were made in response to the joint military exercises of the Ulchi Freedom Shield, in particular, on the participation of an American strategic bomber B-1B, the General Staff.

“In response to this, on August 30, KNA conducted exercises to strike with tactical nuclear weapons with imitation of the destruction of important command posts and operational airfields of the Republic of Korea,” they said there.

The North Korean military added that “the purpose of the current exercises is to give a clear signal to the enemies who responded to repeated warnings with threatening military operations.”

Tsak writes that the two tactical ballistic missiles, the launched two tactical ballistic missiles exploded at the established 400 -meter height of the sky above the target – the island, accurately completed the task of applying a nuclear strike. “

According to the agency, the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un on August 29 visited the Code of Management of the Doctrines for the use of Nuclear Weapons and got acquainted with the course of the All-Army Command Studies. Their goal is to “repel the enemy’s sudden armed attack, the transition to a comprehensive counterattack and the seizure of the entire territory of the southern part of the country.”

The North Korean leader called the important task of KNA – “Standing a sensitive strike on the military potential of the enemy and its command center from the very beginning of the operation (…), simultaneous and serial super -powerful shots on leading military -commander points, ports, operational airfields and others Important military facilities “.