Driver of Genghis Mansimov secretly sold his real estate

The driver of Genghis Mansimov – the ex -adviser of the head of Azerigazbank – is accused of seizing his property, abuse of his trust and secret sale of apartments, cottages and car.

According to, the criminal case is investigated in the Baku court on serious crimes under the chairmanship of the judge Azer Pashayev. Together with Shahin Fataliev, who was 25 years old, the driver of Mansimov, Ilham Gasimov appeared before the court.

Farah Mansimov, the daughter of Genghis Mansimov, was questioned during the court session. In her testimony, she stated that she lives abroad and found out about the fraudulent capture of her father’s house after arriving in Baku. “It was then that we learned that our house was sold. Later it turned out that the driver sold other apartments of my father, as well as his car.”

The woman said that her father was sick, he regularly traveled to Israel for treatment. Therefore, he transferred the power of attorney to his driver to commit various legal actions, while he himself was outside the country. Fataliev translated one of the houses in the name of his friend Ilham Gasimov. Later he put up for sale the country of Mansimovs worth 100 thousand manat, as well as apartments and a car.

The accused Shakhin Fataliev found himself guilty of the charges against him, explaining his actions that he was mired in debt. Ilham Gasimov denied his guilt, saying that he participated in legal procedures only at the request of Shakhin Fataliev.

The victim Genghis Mansimov died some time ago. The daughter of the deceased filed a civil lawsuit against the accused for 700 thousand manat.

The court will continue on October 14th.