Drought in Amazon basin can touch up to 500 thousand

Drought in the tropical forests of the Amazon in Brazil can negatively affect the life of 500 thousand people.

Local authorities are alarming due to a record decrease in river levels against the background of a set temperature regime exceeding seasonal norms.

It is noted that by the end of the year 500 thousand people may encounter difficulties in access to the main food.

“The drought was a serious problem for the inhabitants of the region, and mainly for those who earn a living by fishing. In connection with the current situation, an extraordinary environmental situation was declared two weeks ago,” the authorities said.

It is reported that the tropical forests of the Amazon, encountered drought against the backdrop of the effect of the natural phenomenon (phenomenon) of El Nigno, experience a serious shortage of precipitation.

Brazilian President Luis Inasiu Lula da Silva, who, for every opportunity, makes a statement about drought, climate change and environmental problems in the Amazon basin, plans to allocate $ 20 million to the region.