During explosion of mines in Karabakh, 2 military personnel of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan were killed

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported that as a result of the explosion of mines established by illegal Armenian forces in Karabakh, two military personnel were killed and one was injured.

The ministry’s statement reports that Mina exploded during the passage of a truck belonging to the Azerbaijani army, September 24 around 17.35.

The statement notes that as a result of the detonation of anti -tank mines established for terrorist purposes by the Armenian forces on the supply road between the Azerbaijani positions, the two Soldiers, the Chadmans and Trade of Seids, died, and Elvin Aliyev was injured.

It was noted that the condition of the wounded soldier does not threaten life.

On social networks, there were reports that Shadmanov served in the Azerbaijani army with the rank of headquarters colonel.