Earthlings are already 8 billion

On November 15, the population of the Earth reached 8 billion people. According to UN forecasts, the next line of 8.5 billion will be passed in 2030. Seven years later, in 2037, the indicator will exceed 9 billion. This was reported by the UN press service with reference to the calculations of the World Organization.

Throughout the entire time of conducting UN statistics, since 1950, China has been the first place in the world in terms of population. However, it is expected that by 2024 India will overtake him: more than 1.43 billion people will live in it. According to UN forecasts, by 2100 the population of India will be about 1.53 billion people, in China it will decrease to 771 million people, Nigeria will take the third place in West Africa, where about 545 million people will live. The leaders will also include Pakistan, Indonesia, the USA, Brazil, Bangladesh, Russia and Mexico.