Eco-activists conducted demonstrations in several cities of Germany

Eco-activists from the Last Generation organization held protests in many cities of Germany.

Activists took to the streets of Berlin, Cologne, Bremen, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Regensburg, Munich and Rügen, blocking the roads and drawing attention to the climatic crisis “much more naughty but absolutely peaceful.”

The members of the “latest generation”, which are known by the fact that they themselves are organized and suddenly go to the action without notification of the police, held a protest on Eberplant in Cologne.

Demonstrators located on the road with banners in their hands blocked the street and interfered with car passage for some time.

Later, the police intervened in the situation with demonstrators who blocked the road, and opened it for movement.

Avoiding the critical consequences of the climatic crisis, the demonstrators demanded that the country’s politicians make more efforts to solve this problem.