Eighth stage of Formula 1 season starts in Monaco

At the City Carlo Carlo Avtrot, the eighth stage of the season-2024 Formula 1 will be held-the Grand Prix of Monaco.

Race distance: 78 circles, the length of the track – 3.3 kilometers.

Free practices take place on Friday and Saturday.

Qualification arrival will take place on Saturday evening. The race itself will be held on Sunday, May 26.

Max Verteppen from Red Bull won five races this season Formula 1, Carlos Sayns from Ferrari and Lando Norris from McLaren – one at a time.

The Netherlander retains the first place in the personal standings with 161 points. This is followed by a racer from Monaco Charles Lekler (113 points), in third place the Mexican pilot Red Bull Sergio Perez (107). The fourth position of British Lando Norris (101), closes the five leaders of the Spanish Ferrari pilot Carlos Sains with 93 glasses.

In the Cup of designers, the first place is occupied by the Red Bull (268) team, the TOP-5 also includes Ferrari (212), McLaren (154), Mercedes (79) and Aston Martin (44).