Elderly Ukrainians care about dozens of homeless animals in Orekhov

A married couple from the nurses destroyed as a result of attacks of the Ukrainian city takes care of dozens of abandoned cats and dogs.

The city of Orekhov, located a few kilometers from the front line in the Zaporizhzhya region of Ukraine, has practically turned into ruins as a result of the ongoing intensive airstrikes and shelling.

The population of the city since the beginning of the fighting between the Russian troops and the Armed Forces of Ukraine has declined from more than 14 thousand to a thousand.

Those who still gained courage and remained in the city try not to leave the house without urgent need.

The Ukrainian couple has become a hope for 65 pets

Due to attacks in the city there are almost no surviving buildings. Many pets were left without shelter. Leaving the city of pets, not everyone was able to take with them.

The hope for the remaining were 61-year-old Lyuba and her 75-year-old husband Yuri. The surname of the couple refused to name.

Lyuba and Yuri care about 50 cats and 15 dogs, including their pets.

The city does not have an electricity and gas supply. No job. But contrary to all difficulties, elderly Ukrainians continue to feed homeless animals.

In an interview with an anadol correspondent, the woman said that she was born and raised in Orekhov.

“Nuts are attacked from the very beginning of the war. The attacks are so intense that 99 percent of buildings were destroyed,” says Lyuba.

According to her, in the quarter where the couple lives, 400 people lived before the beginning of hostilities, and now there are only five left.

“I will stay here to the last. Yes, it is scary to remain, but we overcame fear. We believe in our victory,” she says.

Lyuba said that the inhabitants of Orekhova were forced to flee the city with the beginning of attacks and left the pets, whom she now cares with her husband.

“We have 50 cats. And another 15 dogs, but sometimes there may be 20 of them, the remaining five come from other streets. They eat and go back. One dog is wounded. She has a fragmentation wound,” said Lyuba.

The woman says that due to explosions, many cats and dogs received psychological trauma.

Yuri also said that because of the attacks in the city, most houses were destroyed.

“On this street is better than the rest of the surveys. They made repairs. It is very difficult to live in a ghost city. But we try to do it somehow. We had a wonderful life, but everything disappeared,” he said.

Yuri said that the couple feeds homeless animals thanks to the volunteers who bring help.

“Of course, we spend a lot to take care of animals. Volunteers help, otherwise we could not,” he said.