Emergency Meeting of Israeli Government for a new Covid-19 strain

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett convened the leadership of the Ministry of Health at the emergency meeting in connection with the identification of the first-infected new subsidiary of the Delta Coronavir Ay.4.2, which appeared in the middle of the summer in several European states in the middle of the summer. This is reported to the Times of Israel newspaper.

The 12th Israeli TV channel argues that the meeting discusses, in particular, testing options in epidemiological studies and rechecking the positive tests of the Israelis, who returned to the country over the past two months.

Recall that the new subspecies of the Delta coronavirus strain AY.4.2 was found on Tuesday evening when checking Ben-Gurion at the 11-year-old Israelin, who arrived from Moldova. After returning to Israel, the representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Health, the representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Health, were previously infected after returning to Isolation.