Emin Amrullayev about returning to traditional learning model

“We are for the next school year to return to the traditional learning model. About 1 million people are already completely vaccinated in Azerbaijan. If students join this process, that is, if 80% of students are vaccinated, we will be able to return to the traditional Education. ” This was announced by the Minister of Education Emin Amrullayev live on his Facebook page.

He said that the process continues in all regions: “More than 24 thousand of 38,185 employees of the education sphere in Baku were vaccinated. 4620 people were not vaccinated because they were infected, 3,400 people were not vaccinated for other reasons, such As a disease, pregnancy, the presence of antibodies, about 3,000 people were not vaccinated, because they had a certificate from the doctor, and only 2500 people refused. I recommend vaccinated to everyone. “