Emine Erdogan: Thanks to mind and patriotism of children, Türkiye will reach even greater heights

Thanks to the mind, hard work and patriotism of children, Türkiye will achieve even greater heights.

This is stated in the message of the wife of Turkish President Emine Erdogan on the occasion of the day of sovereignty and children- April 23 (23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik Ve çocuk Bayramı).

“In the laughing eyes of the children, the glare of our happy future is reflected. Each of them is a genuine treasure growing on these lands. I sincerely believe that guided by science and mind, they will become ambassadors of peace and love,” wrote Emina Erdogan.

In Turkey on Tuesday, April 23, they celebrate the Day of National Sovereignty and Children.

This day coincides with the start of the first convocation of the Great National Assembly (Parliament) in 1920 in Ankara.

In honor of the centenary of the foundation of the highest legislative body of the country in the building of the parliament, a festive ceremony was held.

annually on the occasion of a significant date throughout Turkey, ceremonies are held, within which events with the participation of children are organized at stadiums, squares and streets of the country.

by the will of Ataturk, who stated that the future of the nation is laid in the younger generation, on this day adults temporarily leave their places for children.