Emine Erdogan: Türkiye is leader of Zero waste movement

The wife of Turkish President Emine Erdogan made an appeal on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of the Zero waste project.

The first lady said that Turkey is a pioneer of movement in this direction.

In connection with the significant date, Emine Erdogan published on her page on the social network a post with a hashtag “Mir – our common home”.

“The movement of zero waste” is 6 years old. Today, with the support of our people, who looks at nature as a blessing granted to man, Turkey is a pioneer of movement for non -waste production in the world. “

Emine Erdogan emphasized that thanks to the efforts of state institutions and determination of citizens of all ages in the country, decisive steps are being taken to spread the culture of non -waste production, which every day penetrates the consciousness of each person, due to which millions of tons of waste become part of the economy.

She added that the proclamation of the UN GAH on March 30 with an international day of waste -free production opened new doors for global transformations in this area.

“The Global Declaration of Goodwill“ Zero Waste ”, the first signator of which was President Erdogan, accelerated this transformation and opened the“ green page ”for humanity. All volunteers who seek to leave the pure world to future generations said: we also participate in with this project. With the power that we draw from this faith, we will continue to fight for our common house against climate change in accordance with the goals that we set as ourselves as the UN advisory council for non -waste production. I would like to thank all friends that They listen to the voices of trees, soil and water and work on building a more fair world, ”she said.