Emine Erdogan turned to participants of Assembly of UN Habitat

The wife of Turkish President Emine Erdogan sent a video message to the participants of the second session of the UN Habitat Assembly in Nairobi.

Emine Erdogan attracted attention to the successes of the Zero waste project, initiated by Turkey in 2017 and noted the active participation of women in this environmental initiative.

She emphasized that events like the current session are of particular significance in conditions when most of the planet’s population is doomed to live in areas that have lost any connection with wildlife. “Such meetings at which we demonstrate a love of nature, the desire for harmony with all living beings and form a stable future, inspire hope in us,” she emphasized.

Emine Erdogan stated that the city waste has already reached volumes that nature is not able to utilize. The first lady of Turkey warned that the current situation gradually turns into a global threat.

According to her, the growing popularity of the Zero waste project shows that the transition to a lifestyle aimed at reducing the amount of waste is not far off. “With our success, we owe a responsible approach to the implementation of the project, our people, including, of course, are women,” she said.

Emine Erdogan expressed the hope that the results of the second session of the UN Habitat Assembly will go for the benefit of all of humanity. “We strive to ensure that our world becomes cleaner and healthier every day,” concluded the wife of the president of Turkey.

The second session of the UN Habitat Assembly takes place from June 5 to 9, 2023 at the UN Habitat headquarters (Nairobi, Kenya).

The UN program for settlements (UN Habitat) contributes to the sustainable development of settlements through explanatory-propaganda work, developing a policy, building potential, accumulating knowledge and strengthening partnerships between governments and civil society.

The UN Habitat was founded in 1978. This is a leading institution for the implementation of the “Habitat agenda” and coordination of activities for the development of settlements in the UN system.