End of world? arrows of “Day of Judgment” were transferred closer to “nuclear midnight”

The arrows on the symbolic “Day of Judgment Day”, which first appeared in 1947 on the cover of the American magazine Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, were transferred 10 seconds closer to the “nuclear midnight”.

As the president of the edition of Rachel Bronson stated at a press conference in Washington, this means that 90 seconds are left to the “nuclear apocalypse point”.

Bronson noted that this decision was made mainly in the light of the situation around Ukraine. According to her, “the probability that the conflict may get out of anyone’s control remains high”.

Bronson also said that the statement regarding the translation of the arrows will be published for the first time not only in English, but also Russian and Ukrainian.

The decision on the position of the shooter on the “Day of Judgment” experts make every year to answer the question of whether the world is at the moment in a greater or lower danger. “Doomsday hours” reflect the degree of vulnerability of mankind in the face of disasters associated with climate change, nuclear weapons and destructive technologies in other areas.