Erdogan adopted delegation of Turks-Conshetians living in United States

President Erdogan in Türkevi in ​​New York adopted representatives of the Turks-Conshetians living in the USA.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he took the necessary steps to receive Turkish citizenship Turks, which they have achieved for many years: “We have accelerated this process.”

Further, President Erdogan said that the building in which the reception is the house is the home of all the Turks, which is indicated by its name.

Erdogan noted that the Turks-Conshets living in exile in 9 different countries of the world lived in difficult conditions for many years.

“Despite all these difficulties, they managed to maintain their identity and convey their cultural heritage to future generations,” he said.

The head of the Turkish state said that after the start of events in Ukraine they immediately contacted the authorities of this country and transported our brothers and sisters of the Turks-Consheists to Turkey, who suffered from the conflict.

“We posted in Erzinjan and Ahlat a total of 1000 families. Thus, the number of Turks-Consheists who came to our country reached 4 thousand people. The number of Turks-Consheists who received citizenship to our government was very limited. In the period from 1992 to 2003, only 4 thousand 840 Turks-Meskhetians took advantage of this right. In our period, this number exceeded 60 thousand people. “

Erdogan emphasized that Turkey carefully monitors all issues related to compatriots and henceforth will support the Turkish-Consheists in all respects.