Erdogan honored memory of former prime minister Adnan Menderes

May 28 elections is an opportunity to show the world that the periods of coups and the hunt for Turkey were left behind once and for all. This was stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during a visit to the grave of the former prime minister of Adnan Menderes and his associates executed by participants in the military coup on May 27, 1960.

today, after 63 years [after the date of the military coup], we look forward to visiting polling stations in order to demonstrate the end of the coup, hunt and military declarations in Turkey, ”said the Turkish leader.

The president called the events of May 27 “One of the Black Pages in the History of the Republic.”

According to the head of state, the military, who participated in the May events of 1960, struck not only the democracy and development of Turkey, but also “left a deep wound in the hearts of the Turkish people.”

Erdogan called the late Menderes “the man of this nation.” “Those who consider themselves“ people of others ”, not only did not accept the achievements of Turkey, but also strive to share the people,” the politician emphasized.

In this regard, the Turkish president called on the fellow citizens to active participation in the second round of the elections on May 28.