Erdogan: Our goal is now not to catch up with developed countries, but to take our place in their forefront

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey has advanced to larger goals with a vision of the “Age of Turkey”. “Our goal is now not to catch up with developed countries, but to take his place in their first rows,” the head of state said at the opening ceremony of the Antalya City Hospital.

Erdogan noted that today in Antalya one of the city hospitals is being commissioned, which is considered a symbol of the breakthrough of Turkey in the field of healthcare.

According to him, the Antalya City Hospital, equipped with the most advanced medical technologies, will make a significant contribution to the development of the city, which is one of the most valuable tourist and production brands with a capacity of 1,500 beds.

The president emphasized that the recognition of good projects implemented in the field of healthcare, transport, energy, defense industry, tourism and other areas, “does not humiliate anyone.”

Erdogan said that Turkey achieve 60 million tourists and get large income from tourism is the result of the steps taken.

“to appreciate good deeds is a sign of virtue. The advantage of Turkey is that it has the opportunity to satisfy its needs based on the latest technologies and systems, since in the past it did not have a strong and functional infrastructure. It is unlikely that you can find a job in the world which would be as modern as our hospitals, as new as our schools, as comfortable as our roads, and as spacious as our airports, ”the Turkish leader emphasized.

The President noted that this fact has a huge impact on the record growth rate of Turkey, despite global crises.

“We turned to more ambitious goals with the concept of the” Age of Turkey “. Our goal is now not to catch up with developed countries, but to take a place in their first rows. We want to leave our youth a country that we can be proud of in all areas, with its politics, economics and defense. For this we work day and night. We are considering every new investment, which we put into operation as a new step along the way. Our city Hospital of Antalya will accept not only local ones, since Antalya is a tourist city, here Tourists come for treatment from abroad, ”added Erdogan.