Erdogan: past elections became victory of whole of Turkey

The past elections marked the victory for the whole of Turkey, for all citizens of the country, regardless of their political preferences.

This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a television show following the first meeting of the new Cabinet of Council of Ministers of the Republic.

“All Turkey won in this election with us and our alliance. All 85 million inhabitants of the country won, regardless of their political preferences,” said Erdogan.

The Head of State expressed confidence that all Turkey citizens will unite their efforts in order to turn the XXI century into the “Century of Turkey”.

“We will realize two concepts – stability and trust. We will build a century of Turkey based on stability and trust,” said the Turkish leader.

He also noted that in the first and second round of the election held, a record high turnout of voters was recorded

The head of state emphasized that in the past elections, Turkey demonstrated an example of democracy to the whole world.

President Erdogan also spoke about the measures taken by the Turkish authorities to eliminate the consequences of destructive February earthquakes in the southeast of the country.

In particular, he said that 650 thousand houses for the victims as a result of a natural disaster will be built in Turkey.

President Erdogan added that within one year it is planned to be transferred to the residents in the disaster zone 319 thousand houses.