Erdogan: Some forces are interested in complicating Turkish-American relations

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at a dinner organized by the Turkish-American National Committee (TASC) in New York (USA).

“It is very likely that the attacks that are directed against Muslims today will turn against groups with another origin, language, culture and beliefs. If you do not prevent Islamophobia, criminals will become even more reckless,” he said.

The president said that he would never agree that the encroachment on the shrine is 2 billion. Muslims are legalized under the guise of freedom of opinion.

Erdogan during his speech touched the topic of Turkish-American relations.

He in particular said: there are some groups that are interested in complicating Turkish-American relations, we will put the barrier in front of them. “

The President praised the prospects of bilateral relations between Turkey and the USA.

“Differences in the views between states are a normal phenomenon, but the USA and I have more opportunities for the development of relations between countries.”