Erdogan: Turkish defense industry is developing successfully

Türkiye carefully implements 850 critical projects in the field of defense industry.

This was stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Aviation, Cosmonautics and Technology Festival in Izmir.

The Head of State noted that in parallel with successful steps in the defense industry, the volume of export of the country is growing. “Our goal is to bring the exports of the defense of the defense this year to $ 6 billion,” he said.

The president said that in Turkey, the Tests of the Kizilelma drone will soon be completed. He expressed confidence that with his admission to the Armed Forces of the Turkish Armed Forces, new horizons will open in this area.

Speaking about the Teknofest festival, he currently noted about 330,000 people at the moment.

“I believe that the festival will become an event worthy of the Izmir and the 100th anniversary of our republic in all respects,” said Erdogan.