Erdogan: Turkish opposition wants to please West

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the opposition of acting to please the West.

“They send a greeting to the West, which is concerned about the strengthening of our country, promises to touch the project of the construction of Akkui NPP, projects in the defense industry, public -private partnership,” Erdogan said in parliament at a meeting of the ruling party of justice and the faction of the ruling party and the faction of the ruling party and development.

According to the Turkish leader, “the opposition, hoping that the West will call them well done, welcome everyone in his dreams, but not his people”.

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Opposition Alliance of 6 parties on January 30 announced a program of actions in case of victory in the presidential and parliamentary elections planned on May 14. One of its points concerns the project for the construction of the first Akku NPP in Turkey, which is implemented with the participation of Russia. As the representative of the future Feridun Bilgin told reporters at the presentation of the program, the opposition promises to reconsider the “current state and details of the agreement regarding the draft“ Akkuy ”nuclear power plant, the rights or obligations that go beyond its framework.”