Erdogan: Türkiye has reached new heights in defense industry

Türkiye has reached another critical threshold in the process of production of its own fifth generation fighter. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, commenting on the successful execution of the first test flight by domestic fifth generation fighter Kaan.

“We happened to survive another pride in the Turkish defense industry. Our domestic combat aircraft KAAN successfully made its first flight today. Turkey has overcame another critical threshold in the production of a fifth -generation fighter,” the head of state said in the course of performances in the Western Turkish province of Afjonkarahisar.

The President recalled that the Turkish developers created such advanced UAVs as Akyndi and Kyzylma.

The Turkish leader expressed confidence that the country will achieve even greater success in the field of defense industry.

On Tuesday, February 21, the Fifth generation Turkish fighter Kaan successfully made its first flight.

A combat aircraft equipped with the latest technology, before the first flight, successfully passed test tests of the catapult chair, full -sized static tests, inertial and static trials of rudders, tests for the release of the chassis, testing of the Avionic system in the laboratory of system integration, as well as testing fuel systems .

Air ship flew up from the Murteda air base near Ankara and, after a short test flight, returned to the base.

with the Kaan aircraft, Turkey will enter the top five manufacturers of the fifth generation aircraft.