Erdogan: Türkiye needs to be united and solidarity

Türkiye successfully overcame one of the most critical elective processes in its history. This was stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, addressing on Saturday in the presidential complex to representatives of 78 countries of the world who arrived in Ankara for celebrations on the occasion of the inauguration of the Turkish leader.

The Head of State expressed gratitude to fellow citizens for trust and the opportunity to serve the country and people for the next five years.

“We will do everything to justify the trust provided to me, our party and the political bloc. We are ready to serve each of the 85 million Turkish citizens, regardless of their political views, ethnic and religious affiliation. We continue the service of Turkey!”, Cupped it! Erdogan.

He called on each resident of 85 million of the country to rally “during a period when the republic needs unity more than ever.”

“On the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic, our country needs unity. I call on the inhabitants of each of the 81 provinces to solidarity and rally. Today is the time for the unity and strengthening of the millennia Uz society, time is for work in the name of the bright future of our children We are ready to fulfill all the promises given to voters in the pre -election period, as we do the last 21 years, ”said the politician.

President Erdogan urged representatives of the opposition to respect the will of the people and “act responsibly in the name of strengthening Turkish democracy.”

Erdogan emphasized that after the May elections the “centenary of Turkey” began – the period of prosperity of the country.

The President called on the opponents to leave aside the contradiction of the elected period and together to implement the concept of “centenary of Turkey.”

The Head of State also stated that Turkish democracy will be strengthened thanks to the new version of the Constitution and the “abandonment of the current Basic Law, which is the fruit of the military coup.”

“We are determined to actually realize the motto of Ataturka:” World of the house, peace around the world “, we will expand the framework of humanitarian diplomacy,” said the President of Turkey.

The President said that tonight a new composition of the government will be published, which will contribute to the implementation of the concept of “Century of Turkey”. The first meeting of the Cabinet is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th.